17 Phoebe Street, Unit 102

Toronto ON M5T 1A8

Before Your First Day

Welcome to the team! This page was designed to give you all the tools, links, and information you need before, and during your onboarding at Universe. Mary, our Office Manager, will be going over the majority of this information with you in person so don't feel overwhelmed - use this as a guide to reflect back on when you need to.

Before your first day, these few steps will help get you started on the right foot:

  • Accept the GitHub invitation sent to your Universe email
  • Fill out your information in Workday & complete the onboarding steps
  • Sign up for our Slack team to start chatting and introduce yourself in #universe, noting your title and which city you'll be working in
  • Complete any forms Alexandra from HR has sent you, and bring them with you on your first day

Your First Day

Your first day will consist of a few sessions to get a basic understanding of the office and product, which look a little like this:

  • Office Walkthrough and Culture with Mary
  • Human Resources and Benefits with Alexandra from Ticketmaster
  • Platform Training with Marissa
  • Developer environment setup, if relevant

Your First Week

During your first week, you'll also have the following sessions:

  • History 101 with the Co-founders
  • Competitors & Clients 101 with Sales
  • Style Guide 101 with Shiera
  • PM 101 with Moya
  • Support 101 with Lauren
  • 1 hour of shadowing support with Marissa and Lauren

To make things simple, please refer back to this checklist of items to complete within your first week.