17 Phoebe Street, Unit 102

Toronto ON M5T 1A8

Before Your First Day

Welcome to the team! This page was designed to give you all the tools, links, and information you need before, and during your onboarding at Universe. Mary, our Office Manager, will be going over the majority of this information with you in person so don't feel overwhelmed - use this as a guide to reflect back on when you need to.

Before your first day, these few steps will help get you started on the right foot:

  • Accept the GitHub invitation sent to your Universe email
  • Fill out your information in Workday & complete the onboarding steps
  • Sign up for our Slack team to start chatting and introduce yourself in #universe, noting your title and which city you'll be working in
  • Complete any forms Alexandra from HR has sent you, and bring them with you on your first day

Your First Day

Your first day will consist of a few sessions to get a basic understanding of the office and product, which look a little like this:

  • Office Walkthrough and Culture with Mary
  • Human Resources and Benefits with Alexandra from Ticketmaster
  • Platform Training with Marissa
  • Developer environment setup, if relevant

Your First Week

During your first week, you'll also have the following sessions:

  • History 101 with the Co-founders
  • Competitors & Clients 101 with Sales
  • Style Guide 101 with Shiera
  • PM 101 with Moya
  • Support 101 with Lauren
  • 1 hour of shadowing support with Marissa and Lauren

To make things simple, please refer back to this checklist of items to complete within your first week.


Remote Work Policy

  • Fridays are black out days for remote work
  • Post before 10am in #ooo on Slack
  • Core hours: 10am-4pm EST
  • Performance & design reviews must be in person
  • Every meeting invite must have a Zoom link
  • If you don't have internet & don't get work done, it will count as a sick day
  • For etiquette please see guide here

Demo Days

  • Every Friday at 4pm, everyone comes together in the boardroom to demo what the squads worked on that week. Talk to your squad about who will be presenting

Hack Days

  • The last Friday of every month is reserved for hacking; you have the whole day to focus on a project of your choice and nom on a catered lunch
  • Two days before the Hack Day, Mary will send out a Sheet on Slack so you can either write your idea down, or join an existing team
  • Demos are replaced by what you hacked on, and the winner receives a beautiful trophy hand crafted by Mary as well as $100 in Universe credits! If you're on a team, the team decides if they want to split the credits evenly or give them to one person

Time to Think Thursdays

  • A whole day to yourself - meetings should generally not be scheduled on these days, though feel free to use your discretion.


  • Every day at 1:30pm in North of the Wall, a guided meditation session takes place using Headspace. Feel free to drop in!


  • Uniiversity
    • Every Wednesday, an employee teaches a Uniiversity session on a topic of their choice for a maximum of 1 hour while we much on delicious snacks. Previous topics include SEO, Human-Centered Design, Behind the Scenes of Events, and React. If you'd like to present, message @shiera on Slack
    • Previous recorded sessions can be found here (Shared Drive > Resources > Uniiversity)
  • SkillShare
    • There is something in this platform for everyone - Skillshare is video learning from thought leaders in their industry spanning: Business, Web Development, Marketing, Sales, Design and more
    • Login: info@universe.com, P: Ticketmaster2017
  • Safari Books
    • Through Backstage Pass, you can access Safari Books, a digital library with videos, online training, learning paths, books, and tutorials

Network Access

  • The wifi networks in the office are LYV, LNE, and LNVisitor
  • LNE has a VPN and is required to login to certain TM/LNE sites (such as Backstage Pass/Okta). You'll also need to be on LNE to use the printer wirelessly. LYV is for mobile devices
  • LNE Username: Your 'Backstage Pass/Okta' username Password: Your ‘Backstage Pass/Okta' password
  • LYV Username: LYV Password: LYVguest2200!
  • LNVisitor Username: LNGuest Password: LNGuest

Printers, Scanners, and TVs

To add the printers:

  • Open up Printers & Scanners on your computer. Click the + icon to add a printer by its name. You may want to rename them to differentiate which is black & white (Universe - Brother DCP L2540DW) and which is colour

To connect to the TVs:

  • If the ZoomRoom is running on the Mac Mini, make sure your version of Zoom is up to date on your computer. Open it and click Share Screen. It should automatically connect, but if it asks for a Meeting ID number open Zoom Room on the iPad and copy the one it lists


  • Click the AirPlay button (to the left of Bluetooth) on the top of your screen. Select the meeting room you want to connect to. If nothing happens, on the TV right-click AirServer and click Rebroadcast Services. Try again. If it still isn't working, get Mary


We use Slack to communicate with each other, across offices - please join the following channels:

  • Required: #development, #toronto, #food, #releases, #universe, #ooo, #mrcase
  • Optional but recommended: #radio, #random, #deals, #design, #ideas, #dev-notifications, #devops, #universiity



The Two Doors

  • There are 2 doors for the office - the front main entrance (17 Phoebe St) and the side employee entrance (21 Phoebe St)
  • 17 Phoebe: exterior door is unlocked Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm so no need for guests or delivery drivers to buzz in. Please make sure you note this when ordering food or have visitors! Outside of those hours, make Mary aware if you'll need the buzzer answered. Make sure you're using 17 Phoebe as a mailing address for any deliveries.
  • 21 Phoebe: exterior door is always locked and you need a fob to get in
  • 26 Soho: you may hear this term once in a while - it is the main address of the building, though we can't get to our suite from the front doors on Soho, hence the Phoebe St address

Parking Spot and Meeting Rooms

  • We have 1 parking spot available for booking each day. If you're driving in and are interested in the free parking space, check the Parking Calendar or #parking in Slack to see if the spot is available (watch this gif walkthrough). There are 3 spots directly to the West of the 17 Phoebe Street door - park in any one of them. You can book the spot once per week to allow everyone a chance to book it. If you need to book the spot twice in one week, or want to ask about a spot while Adam/Craig are away, bring it up in #parking
  • There are 3 meeting rooms: North of the Wall (boardroom), Sport Bar (south-most room), and Back Room (smaller north-most room). North is typically reserved for larger or more private meetings. Rooms can be added to your calendar the same way you add the parking space (see previous gif). To book a room, when creating a meeting in Google Calendar, on the right hand side beside "Guests" click "Resources". Available rooms will pop up. DO NOT book Floor 15, unless you plan on having your meeting in San Francisco ;) Keep in mind the smaller rooms are not sound proof, so any confidential calls should be taken in a phone booth 

Security and Safety

  • Make sure when locking up that the front glass doors are locked, the windows are closed, and the alarm is set. If the alarm is not continuously beeping when set, it's not armed - make sure the side door (21 Phoebe) is fully closed so the latch is not sticking out and try again, eventually leaving through the side door
  • The Joint Health and Safety Committee conducts inspections once a month, and meets every quarter. If you'd like to join, please message Moya or Mary
  • The First Aid Kit can be found in the cupboard above the sink with the plates, along with rubbing alcohol for any cuts

Food, Drinks, and Snacks

  • The last shelf of the fridge is communal, so help yourself! Double check to see if the food is labelled or in a bag - when in doubt, just ask

  • Snacks and drinks can be requested in #mrcase - a breakdown of items will be posted in there on delivery days

  • If the cold brew is running slowly or has run out, please let Mary know and she will fiddle with the draught system or order more. If the Station Cold Brew tap handle is off, it means the keg is empty and we are awaiting delivery

  • LCBO runs are done on Fridays for Demos n Beers - on Tuesdays, a request form is sent out in #toronto

  • If you're feeling under the weather, please don't come to work! Feel free to work from home. If you're starting to feel the rumblings of something though, there are Halls, Tylenol, Advil, Emergen-C, and ColdFX in the cupboard above the sink with the plates, next to the First Aid Kit

Important Contacts

Human Resources

  • Alexandra Ritacca, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Jennifer Cox, Director of Human Resources
  • Payroll, In your subject line to payroll always include your pay group code ‘BY3’ followed by your name and the topic


  • LiveNation Employee Help Desk: 1 877 598 6948


  • Mary Papagiannis, Office Manager: 647 208 1854